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27-May-2020 10:30 am

How to manage work from home during COVID19 and beyond

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Past Webinars

Date and time: 31-Mar-2020 11 am
What you can do with FloWave for Myanmar Partner.

Date and time: 8-May-2020 2 pm.
The Art of Digital Automation: Building Operational Resilience during The Pandemic.

Our Clientele

Our Clientele

Are you facing the following challenges ?

Mobile App development is expensive

Unable to find a suitable software to automate your manual process

Would like to extend your process beyond standard ERP or COTS system

Missing SLA / unable to track your process

BESPOKE development taking ages to develop

No common standards for all your application development

Stuck with missing/loss of source code

Higher cost to maintain or to make changes

Gap between what you need and what is delivered

Developer resources changes frequently and continutity is impacted

Look no further, FloWave can help.

What is FLOWAVE?

Business processes are the life line and fundamentals of every organization. FloWave Digital Transformation Platform is a powerful all-in-one platform that enables you to design, configure, authorize and optimize your business processes. Gain insigths real time and make informed decisions.

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