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Business processes are the life line and fundamentals of every organization. FloWave Digital Transformation Platform is a powerful all-in-one platform that enables you to design, configure, authorize and optimize your business processes. Empowers you to gain real time insights and make informed decisions. FloWave brings the best of both worlds by delivering BESPOKE application in COTS platform.


While many businesses have successfully deployed various CRM and ERP software packages, some business stakeholders continue to perform certain business and work-flow processes manually due to the limitations of the deployed software packages.


Now with FloWave “drag-n-drop”, even key stakeholders and non-technical users can design and implement business processes with ease.


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Case Study

Quality Assessment Process

A leading producer/manufacturer of Chemicals for flavours and fragrances.


In FloWave platform, built a Quality Assessment process to evaluate the quality of new merchandise & new supplier. The process involves various department including procurement, R&D, QC and management.


Successfully integrated with Oracle LOB system to pull real-time assessment of test results.


Digital transformation

A global provider of electronic solutions in a wide range of industries, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.


Using FloWave, automated a number of internal process that was originally managed in paper forms
Uniform Distribution Request
Raw Material Request
Staff Access Request
Job Ad Request
Expense Reimbursement Request

Job Order Management Process


Aircon industry

An aircon service company used FloWave to manage its sales and operation process. The process was automated using FloWave. Manage Sales quotation life cyle, Sales contract life cycle with ease. The system makes sure that no contract are missed from timely renewal.


System automatically generates service schedules with ability to invoice for adhoc services. Get reminded of all outstanding invoices.


Integrated mobile app for field engineers to pickup and complete jobs.


Automobile industry

Using FloWave platform built a service schedule & attendance system to manage the operation process. Engineers can now notify admin office about job status instantly via the mobile app and Admin office can instantly schedule jobs for the engineers. Track high value equipment that are on lease or service.


Ability to measure the KPI of engineers, attendance and OT performed by the Engineers. Avoids manual human errors.


Excavation Equipment Rental & Service industry

Using FloWave, an earth excavation equipment rental & service managed its end-to-end operation from sales to service to finance to HR.


Bulk scheduling, Bulk invoicing, Accumulated job invoicing all made simple with FloWave.

Mobile app for Drivers & Machine operators.

Integration to 3rd party accounting & payroll system.


The robust FloWave platform able to accommodate the chain of operation with seamless transfer of information from module to module.

Warranty Management System

A CRM cum Warranty system was built on FloWave platform that covers end-to-end processes of post-sales support & warranty.


The process starts from customer warranty registration, tracing warranty records, assigning & scheduling Engineers, generating invoices & receipts, procuring & tracking spare parts inventory. Generate day-to-day operation & management reports.


Integrated with Magento front-end, the consumers can register their warranty seamlessly into FloWave. The Customer service department access the customer warranty

Contact Centre Management

A robust Case Management process was built using FloWave platform. Integrating with 30+ Office365 email boxes, FloWave Mailbot agent monitors actively all the 30+ mailboxes, automatically create cases for all incoming email. Intelligently update cases for repeat emails, smartly exclude auto-reply emails. Agents now can read and respond to email from FloWave CRM platform.


Measure and monitor Case SLA. Assign/Bulk assign open cases to each individual agent. Generate instant statistics report. Daily Activity Summary email automatically mailed to the management.


Integration with Healthcare LOB system, Clinical system, hosted in Azure platform, system handles 5,000 emails every day.

Commodity Sales Contract Management Process

Using FloWave platform, a CRM system was built to automate the commodity trading process. From Quotation, Sales Contract, Proforma Invoice, Purchase Contract, Addendum is recorded in the system. All the documents are generated in a single click.


Multiple sales to one procurement and one sales to multiple procurement can be easily managed. Generate risk exposure report to financial institutions instantly.

Digital transformation

A leading multi-national lifestyle departmental store/super market store


Using FloWave, automated a number of internal process that was originally managed in paper forms. These processes were owned by multiple departments from HR to Finance to Operation. The company initially planned to build these forms in tradional software development but the overall efforts was expensive and the time estimated to automate takes too long. The company also looked for a non-cloud low-code platform, but were unable to find any suitable solution. Fortunately they found FloWave that matches their requirement.


The following and many other forms were automated:
A&P Job Requisition Form
Accounts Supplier Promotion Form
Accounts Early Payement Form
Accounts Monthly Transport Form
Accounts Overseas Travel Expense Form
Accounts Payment Application Form
Accounts POS Register Loan Form
Admin Change Duty Mgr Form
Admin NameCard Form
Admin Purchase Requisition Form
CSC Requisition Voucher Form
CSC Store Announcement Form
Distribution Requisition Form
Discount Application Form

CRM for Innovation Centre

As leading information and communications technology provider, provides innovative solutions and infrastructure to promote safety, security and enhance the quality of life for individuals and the community.


Together with their research laboratories, it provides cutting-edge public safety, cybersecurity technologies and enterprise solutions to enable safer cities, with a vision to create a brighter future.


OIC is a restricted zone and the accessibility of this facility needs to be secured and managed. Using FloWave, we developed a software that can have robust business workflow capabilities to help the OIC team to manage its visitors and the visit outcomes.


Stakeholders such as Account Managers, Supervisors, OIC Centre Manager are able to manage the entire end-to-end process from visit registration to closing activity. Management is able to instantly generate reports and statistics, which will help in facilitating any decision-making arising from the visit.


Specialized in Car Services – General & Accidental
Transform the entire paper process from a job start to end. Hold all records in one common portal.


Track every stages of the services & process
Case Management
Letter of Authorisation
Settlement for Motor Accidents
Notification of Accident
Insurance Form
Satisfaction note

What FloWave can do for your business

Enable digital transformation

Optimize labour cost

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Improve efficiency

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Improve compliance

Improve security

Improve collaboration

Increase capacity

Eliminate redundancy

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