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How business users can manage ever changing business environment with no-code platform

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How business users can manage ever changing business environment with no-code platform

COVID19 pandemic has serious implications on people’s health and also significantly impacting businesses and the economy. Businesses from small to big enterprises are not spared and has been severely disrupted. This has taught us a very important lesson that the market is full of uncertainty. To survive, businesses need to adapt with the uncertainty and evolve to emerge stronger. Those who cannot, will be left behind. In order to evolve, businesses need to have the tools and solutions to solve their business problems and streamline the processes that enable their organizations ride through the challenges.


These daunting tasks itself poses yet another challenge to the businesses. With traditional software development, countless hours are required to even have a slight change in business process, not to mention a whole transformation for the business to evolve. Therefore, one of the best and most efficient methods to accomplish these complex tasks is to use a no-code development platform.


With no-code development platform, you can empower your business unit to perform those changes to the workflow or business processes within their units anytime required because they do not need to have programming experience. These changes will also pose minimal disruption to the whole business process so businesses can continue to make changes as needed and to be resilient.


However, is this claim about the no-code platform too good to be true? Below are several key benefits of the no-code platform and how it will benefit the businesses.

1.Increased Competitiveness

Globalization has brought significant benefits to the businesses but has also sharpened competition. As a result, it is increasingly difficult for organization to achieve, maintain and improve business competitiveness. Only those who can be innovative and change quickly are able to take on the competitions or even emerge as the market leader.


When it comes to what changes will be more beneficial to the business, your front-line end users are your best resources. You need to empower them so they can implement those necessary changes to the company. However, to implement the changes, they will need to learn new technology solutions which usually have a steep learning curve. This experience of having to go through rigorous and arduous training to learn the new solutions will demotivate them and make them hesitant to make or even suggest the changes in the first place.


Since no-code platform require no programming experience and has short learning curve, you can adopt this platform either to automate your existing business process or build a new process to stay on top of the game. This way, your end users will be delightful and welcome the changes readily as they do not need to go through that rigorous and arduous training just to implement the changes. At the same time, it will motivates them to actively look for ways for the company to change and stay competitive.


We have heard many stories about how big organizations who did not adapt to the changes in the market and resulting in business failure. Let’s take example of Blockbuster, a former provider of movies and video game rental services. At its peak, Blockbuster employed over 84,000 people and over 9,000 outlets worldwide. With the rise of on-demand streaming like Netflix, it means that Blockbuster’s business model is already obsolete and need to change. Unfortunately, Blockbuster did not change which in turns resulted to its demise.


With no-code development platform, you can just drag-and-drop to build or modify process or make use of readily available built-in templates. You are empowered to make these changes as and when needed. This way your business can adapt to the market changes quickly and can stay ahead of the game.

3.Improve Controls

With complex systems comes complicated controls. Does your system administrators has a way to control who has the access and ensure that there is no breach or vulnerabilities on the systems? With FloWave, administrators can control and assign rights to the users according to their roles. This will ensure that the users will only have access to the data that they have authority to.


Although, of course, no solution is completely fail-safe, businesses can have a piece of mind knowing that no-code platform like FloWave has a built-in audit trail feature. All changes that occurred within the systems can be traced and audited.

4.Improve Collaboration

One of the most challenging aspect of distributed working is miscommunication and collaboration. Different departments in organization often work with different toolsets and tend to communicate within the department itself. This creates a silo mentality within the organization and it can reduce organization’s efficiency and at worst, contributing to a damaged corporate culture.


The departments also have their own jargons and department-specific language that can cause confusion in the interdepartmental project meetings because team members do not have common understanding in the terminologies used. No-code platform allows these groups of people from different departments to work together on a common platform and have a common terminologies.

5.Open Integration

We have learned from the previous example how important it is for businesses to adapt with the changes in order to survive or thrive. While having the ability to quickly adapt to the changes in the market is crucial, most of the time, businesses will have core solutions that are already being used for years and it will be a huge challenge to completely replace or overhaul the entire systems.


Sometimes, it is not that those businesses do not want to change but their core solutions which they have been using for years has penetrated very deep into the businesses itself. Hence, they cannot just make a slight change but need to completely change the core solutions itself. This will take huge resources and time to accomplish.


Fortunately, most of the no-code platform comes with readymade API and plug-ins to facilitate this external integration. Businesses can continue to use the core system with a new refined process created with the help of the no-code platform.


FloWave is one such low/no code platform, that facilitates business evolution. Click here to start your business evolution or contact us for a free consultation.


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