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What is a workflow management system why is it important for singapore business enterprises?


What is a workflow management system why is it important for singapore business enterprises?

With increased digitisation of work, decentralised workspaces, there is a growing need for business leaders to have more visibility on the work happening in and around the organisation. Workflow Management, which companies have overlooked so far, is gaining more prominence than ever before.

Workflow management helps to define the scope of work, helps to align teams based on the scope, increase coordination and collaboration among the team members, increase the productivity of the team, reduces clutters, misunderstanding and minimises errors.


In order to have a highly functional and effective workflow management system,   the workflow design should be well defined, the workflow process should be automated to ensure the workflows smoothly and faster. Below are some of the tips on how these can be achieved.

The workflow design should cover the enterprise in its entirety.

Map out clear steps and their links and connectivity to have a systematic workflow.

Identify ambiguous scopes and create to plan to make the process flow simpler and easier to follow.

Ensure everyone can identify their roles easily in the workflow and hence can collaborate with each other better, reducing silos between individuals and departments.

Make it seamlessly accessible to the everyone in the enterprise so that they can view and refer the processes when they need to do so.

Look at areas to automate day-to-day tasks that are redundant, mundane and take up a lot of time.

Encourage accountability by ensuring everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

Be open to answer queries and concerns raised and see how this can be addressed in the workflow design.

Key aspects of a good workflow management system:

Empowering Employees

The main idea of better workflow is to empower employees with clear task & timely information. When they are clear with the tasks they are supposed to perform and able to see the flow of how it impacts the performance of the enterprise as a whole, the employees would feel motivated to perform the tasks.

Having the correct workflow system eliminates guess works by the employees on the tasks they are supposed to be involved in. This could also potentially motivate them to go the extra mile to complete the tasks early and to put in their best efforts there by increases productivity.

The employees could see and feel that they are playing a key contribution to the company and clearly see their role in the entire workflow system.

Reducing Complexity

There is always the case within the Enterprise that few tasks can be more complex than others. This complexity could create a bottle neck and overwhelm the employees. The best way to manage them is to break them down into smaller and more manageable task. By showcasing how these small parts could lead up to the ultimate goal, employees can see the big picture.  A good system helps your employees visualise the big picture and the impact the smaller task contributes to the final goal. When a big task is broken into multiple smaller tasks, the work can be delegated based on the employee’s capabilities, abilities and their current work load.

Improving Process Efficiency

Documenting the workflow process and marking comments when tasks are acted on helps in improving the overall process flow. Setting reminders for each task help employees to focus on the timeline and complete the tasks before the set deadline. Employees can be incentivised for completing certain task on or before timeline and this can be tied to their performance appraisal. Notifications like task progress, task completion can be sent out to alert the stakeholders of the next task, so they can be ready in advance. In case of delays, automatic escalations tools help to escalate them to the supervisors, so that they can investigate the reasons for delays and act on it in a timely manner, eliminating bottle necks. This creates a consistent flow of information across the whole enterprise by improving process efficiency.

Embracing Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is forward looking and the whole world is moving away from storing files and processes on premise in physical hard drives. Workflows are best optimised in a cloud environment. Using cloud to store the files and processes gives your Enterprise a distinct advantage. The files are easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. The global pandemic has made Cloud Technology more relevant as Enterprises are encouraging their employees to work remotely or from home. More companies are accelerating their efforts to harness the power of Cloud Technology to improve communication between the employees, between teams. Cloud system allows to have a safe backup of the work.

Automation Advantages

The global pandemic has proven that having a clear work flow and automating the process is the way forward to manage the tasks and achieve the Enterprise Goals. Gone are the days when companies were hesitant to automate their processes fearing that the employees could feel that they may become redundant or simply because the Enterprise fears change. The pandemic has proven that change is inevitable. Automation will be the new order.

Automation helps to increase productivity by eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks. It saves cost by cutting out human errors. Employees can spend more of their time on creative and mindful work, improving the processes, leading the enterprise to achieve its overall goals.


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